Pediatric Dental Services

Kids Dentistry

At Newnan Dental Studio., we recommend pediatric visits start when your child is 1 year old. These visits allow your child's dentist to closely monitor any new changes in your child's mouth, even before all of their teeth have erupted! It's also an opportunity to make sure you, as a parent, have the information you need to promote continued oral health and preventative care in your child. Your child's dentist may suggest additional checkups if your child seems to be more susceptible to cavities or if they are showing signs of other orthodontic problems that need to be monitored as they grow.

We use the highest quality dental materials available, implement the latest technology, follow the most recent educational guidelines, and observe a state of the art sterilization and infection control system. All of these practices allow us to provide your child with the highest quality dentistry available, while making a trip to the dentist a fun, enjoyable experience for them at every age.

Good Dental Hygiene Starts Young

Diagnosing and treating dental issues in children is very important because it can prevent more serious complications later in life. Here at our dental practice at Newnan, we love children. Our dentists and their staff are extra gentle with kids while making sure they are provided with the best dental care.

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